Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reunion Updates!

Our family met at Ellis Park in Blissfield on August 26, 2012. We shared a pot luck lunch and some great conversation. This year, along with holding the reunion a weekend earlier than normal, we tried something a little different. Instead of the normal meeting time, Highlights were briefly touched on. Also this year, we introduced a white elephant auction, which turned out to be a big hit! All money raised is going towards future reunions. Also, Ray Griffin picked up and delivered the annual ice cream treat, and then assisted by providing a fireworks show in the river by throwing some of the left over dry ice in. Ray also shared it was Fred Smith who showed him this trick years ago.

A major highlight included mentioning the heroic actions of Austin Smith, son of Tim Smith, who managed to lift a car off his grandpa when the car fell on him in his garage. His actions were given national recognition, and he appeared on newscasts and also made an appearance with his family on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. The news made rounds on-line as well, stories and videos are still available by searching in national and international publications. Way to go Austin!

you can view a video from ABC News with an interview of Austin and his grandpa at this link:

(you may have to copy address and paste it in the address bar in order to access)

Catching up and conversation.

Food Line! And there was plenty of it!

Starting off the festivities!

The new generation of the Smith family.
Wesley Smith (son of Ed and Heather), Adam and Hannah Libstorff (children of Rebecca Smith Libstorff)

The youngest Smith family attendee, Wesley Smith, son of Ed and Heather Smith.
He was born January 1, 2012. He can hardly wait to eat at McDonald's!

This year's oldest attendee honors went to Fred Smith, who was 80 years young.
The farthest travelers! From Holt, MI

And the Auction Begins with Jeff Benner as our auctioneer.
The winner of one of the hot ticket auction prizes! He won the bidding war - all the way up to $10.50!
Mary Lou Smith won the mystery grab bag prize... what's inside?

It's a coffee bag, straight from Columbia! ;o)


Checking out the ice cream - and seeing how much dry ice is left to throw in the river.

Everyone stands around intently watching waiting to see the dry ice fireworks.

Great Grandma Mary Lou explaining to Adam why he can't touch the dry ice without gloves on.

Three generations walking over the bridge over the River Raisin.

It was a great time, and we hope to keep this tradition going for many years. As our family grows, this is a great way to keep in touch with our roots and to remember where we all came from. Tell everyone in your family and let's start looking forward to many years of reunions!

And to everyone looking, if you see any updates or captions you think should be added to the pictures (i.e names) Please let me know by either commenting below if you can, or send an email to I welcome all comments or additions!

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